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Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau

Prince Maurits of Orange - NassauMaurits Willem Pieter Hendrik, Prince of Oranje-Nassau van Vollenhoven was born on April 17th, 1968 at 19.36u at the Academic Hospital of Utrecht, The Netherlands. He is the eldest son of Princess Margriet and Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven.
Prince Maurits has three brothers, Prince Bernhard jr., born on christmas day of 1969, Prince Pieter Christiaan, born on March 22nd, 1972 and Prince Floris, born on April 10th, 1975.
Prince Maurits was raised in Apeldoorn where he went to school. In 1987 he graduated from the Veluws College where he obtained his VWO grades. During the following two years, Prince Maurits went to the marines, but due to a backinjury was forced to give up the education and decided to go on as a naval officer.
In 1989 the young prince went studying economics in Groningen at the University. During his study the prince was a member of Vindicat, a studentcorps in Groningen. He also was an active barkeeper at Café Soestdijk. It was there that he met Marilène van den Broek, a young marketing student. The Prince obtained his degree on October 13th, 1995.
Maurits now started working as a management trainee at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. On november 29th, 1997 he and Marilène announced their engagement at Paleis Het Loo. They were married on May 29th and May 30th, 1998. On April 15th, 2001 their first child was born: Anastasia Margriet Joséphine.

The young couple makes their home at Amsterdam and continues to work.
To stay in line to the throne, Maurits and Marilène have asked for parliamentery concent for their marriage. This was given. If children will be born their familyname will be Van Lippe-Biesterfeld Van Vollenhoven.
Prince Maurits enjoys sports. He competed in the marathon of New York together with his wife and has a passion of sportsdiving and skiing.



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