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King Constantine of Greece

King Constantine of GreeceKing Constantine of Greece was born on June 2nd 1940 in Athens, Greece. He was the son of King Paul 1 (1901-1964) and Queen Federika (1917-1981), a princess of Brunswijk-Luneburg. He has two sisters, Sophia is two years older and married to King Juan Carlos of Spain, Irene is two years younger.

When King Paul died in 1964 Constantine, only twenty-four became the new king. He married his cousin, Princess Anne Marie of Denmark, who was only eighteen years old then. During two years everything went allright in Greece, AnneMarie gave birth to Alexia in 1965. But on April 21st 1967, a militairy coup came. At that moment AnneMarie was eight months pregnant. She gave birth to Crown Prince Pavlos on May 20th 1967. But eventually they were forced to flee seven months after Pavlos was born. First the young king at queen settled themselves in Rome, where prince Nikolaos was born in 1969. Both king and queen hoped they eventually would be able to return to Greece, but in 1973 the new constitution in Greece prohibited the monarchy in Greece. Constantine and AnneMarie then stayed in Denmark for a while, but eventually optted for London where they still live. Not having any money at all they had to start a whole new live, but they succeeded. In 1983 Princess Theodora was born, to be followed by a brother, Phillipos in 1986. And now king Constantine and queen AnneMarie are pround grandparents of Princess Maria-Olympia, born on July 25th 1996, Prince Constantine Alexios, born October 29th, 1998 and Prince Achileas Andreas, born on August 12th, 2000. All children of Crown Prince Pavlos and his wife Marie-Chantal. 


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